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New Client Verification

A new Client sends an offer, the Client's Payment method is verified, the Client hires 3 more freelancers for the Same Job, Confused about whether the client is Legit or not

I got an offer, Clients hire more freelancer for the same job, and the client is new on Upwork, I need to check if the client is real or not, He is verified on Upwork, but still look fishy, I need to confirm should I work with him or not, I accepted the offer but still need to verify it

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Hi Asma, sometimes clients do hire multiple freelancers for their pilot project or for an urgent project. That's perfectly normal. If it's a fixed price job make sure the client has atleast funded the first milestone and if it's an hourly contract make sure you update the memo on time tracker to qualify for Upwork's hourly protection.

Thanks, Shehan, It's an hourly contract and I do use Upwork time tracker, Just a little confused, in the end if client is not legit ( Use a stolen card or anything like this, Will Upwork help me, i heard Upwork suspend id and will always favor to clients ) thoughts 

You're welcome Asma. Something similar happened to me once, I worked for a client for like 14 hours and he went away somehow. Upwork paid the full amount. So if you have a verified client and do your best work and update the memo accordingly, you are in good hands 🙂 

No. I wasn't in good hands, Client asked me to end the contract, He said like he want to repost the job and will hire you again, weird 
I was hoping this because he hired 4 freelancers for the same job, and now he end the contract. 

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Don't go off of Upwork's site and don't do any free work. Click the Academy link above for best practices on Upwork. Have a great day!

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