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Pulavendran B Member Since: Aug 4, 2020
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Can you anyone help me please.

I have register Upwork on one year before. I have submitted almost 15 proposal near , client will not accept my proposal.

Can you tell me tips how can I get project from Upwork.

I have seen my many relavent jobs in Upwork and also submitted my proposal . Still am not get even one project . How can I improve my profile.can you suggest the same
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Jarrad C Member Since: Apr 27, 2019
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Your profile is currently not public. But I would advise you to be patient. It took some time for me to get my first job on Upwork.

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Pulavendran B Member Since: Aug 4, 2020
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I can't able to active my profile on public. It's blocked . Can you tell how to make public on my profile
Joanne Marie P Moderator Member Since: Nov 26, 2017
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HI Pulavendran,


Your profile visibility has been reset back to public. When your profile is set to private, your profile is not visible in search results, but the clients can still view your profile once you submit a proposal. For more information, please check out this help article.


I understand that it is frustrating not to hear back from clients after submitting your proposal. Jarrad is right. It can take some time to win a job, but I hope you don't give up and continue to do your best. Here are some helpful resources you can check to build your profile and write proposals:


Enhance Your Freelancer Profile for Greater Success

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A How-To Guide for Your Profile Picture

How to Create a Proposal that Wins Jobs 

Craft an Eye-catching Proposal Every Time

Please also check out the resources here for more helpful tips.

~ Joanne
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Pulavendran B Member Since: Aug 4, 2020
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Hi Joanne, 


Thanks for your mail.  I have submitted my proposal to a client. client also reviewing my bits. But nobody is ready to give opportunity. It's the same relevant to my experience. I think based on location people can assign job.