New Freelancers has a very small Percent to get Hired



Today i will receive New connects for this month. Am a new freelancer i've been trying so hard for the past few months before i ran out of connects to get hired, but I guess I have no luck, and a Fact that New Freelancers has a very little percent rate to get hired. Suggestions, advices and Etc. are highly appreciated here, and any recommendations. I guess am already desperate to get my FIrst Ever job hopefully on to these new set of connects that I'll be receiving. I know there are also new Freelancers their Like me.

Thank you for taking time to read my post, and hopefully you will lend some time to give me advices, hints, recommendations or etc. 


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Lau 🙂


Your profile is much improve, though I still think that a relevant title would help a lot.


The next step is to really target your proposals. With this set of connects, instead of bidding on any job you feel qualified for, focus on the ones most closely related to your past experience where you can provide a specific, experience-based reason that you would be a great pick for that job.

Hi Tiffany S,


Thank you for the reply. Yes, I do understand it. But it is really hard to get Job especially when you're profile is still empty, I hope some of the new freelancers can also get idea on your reply. 


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Laurice you are in a very oversubscribed field, but you can add a bit more to your profile. A portfolio? Also, do a few tests (but only put above-average scores) and put all that you do in the present:


"I was am a Technical Support Agent and a Sales Agent". 


Even if you have left a job where you were a technical support agent, you are offering these services on Upwork in the present. There are lots of people who need a little techie support, and you might have far more success with this than with data entry, for example.

Laurice --


If it is ever possible at all to do so in a professional manner, you can try making a small personal connection with the work that the client is asking for, or with some aspect of the background within the client's job description. For example, one of my first clients needed some graphic work done that involved pictures of tartans, and in my proposal I mentioned my experience with a card game that's a little like "Old Maid" and is called "TartanSnap" (played with a deck of cards that displays different Scottish tartan patterns). Recently, a student client was looking for a quick translation, and I noticed that he mentioned in his job posting that he attends a university that's in a town with which I am familiar, because I grew up fairly close by, so I mentioned his school's town in my proposal.


Both of the proposals that I have described above ended with job offers -- likely just because there was nothing else about other proposals that particularly caught the attention of the client. It turned out, unsurprisingly, that the Tartan client and I had a great deal in common, too, and I just LOVED working on her job!


Many small aspects of our lives are reflected in the needs and experiences of others. Try to pick up (professionally) on those small connections.


Good luck!


I too have this problem my resume far exceeds most in my field and I have been very successful elsewhere, but I cannot get hired here....

Aaron, I wonder whether part of your problem might be that you see to have an individual freelancer account and present yourself as an individual in the first part of your profile, but close with a reference to what seems to be an agency. Many Upwork clients steer clear of agencies, the more so if there is confusion about whether you might be an agency masquerading as an individual.