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New Team App not working - hours cannot be retrieved

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Hi there,

I'm experiencing a frustrating issue after I updated the team app to latest version.

Last week I was missing more than 5 hours of work which have not been recorded though the tracker was counting and taking screenshots. 

I've opened two tickets with the assistance: first one because Team app wasn't recording during normal working hours; second one because team app didn't record time because of a power failure resulted in my computer rebooting while I was working.

The log file that comes with opening a ticket proves that I was logged and working, but the customer support not only is still not able to find out what's wrong after several days, but also won't retrieve my missing hours even if the log is valid.

Anyone of you experiencing similar issues?

Any idea on how to decipher kog file to prove to the client I was working and ask for manual time? The log file is a bunch of strings with timecodes and stuff which I can tell it's proving I was acrive and working but it's very difficult to understand starting and ending time for each contract...


Thanks to all of you,




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I did have the same issue last week when I updated also.  What I ended up having to do was unistalling the team app altogether and redownloading it.  It has been working fine since.  As far as getting paid for the five hours you lost, you just have to communicate with your client and explain the situation and ask if they will let you put in manual time for the work.  I have a client that doesn't allow manual time (long term client), but in this situation she allowed it until I got the technicalities worked out.  Good Luck!!

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