New Upwork Contact for Existing Client Question

Hi Everyone,


This is my first post in the forum, but I've been on Upwork for a few months. I just need some input on what to do about this situation before contacting Upwork support.


I had a client that was a marketing person working for another company, which I was originally hired by him to do two separate job phases for. Both phases of the job have been completed and the main company was really happy with the outcome. The issue now is that the compay has hired me directly to do a third phase through Upwork. The original marketing guy that hired me on Upwork, insn't around anymore (I don't know why, and I didn't ask). Is there a way to get her to be recognized as the same customer so I don't loose the 10% fee rate I've achieved after passing the $500 payment mark from them? She joined Upwork today specifically to hire me for this third phase. 


Hopefully the way I've phrased this makes sense. Please let me know if it's confusing. 




Unfortunately, no. "Same client" on Upwork means "same client account." The only way to achieve that would be to have the new version of the client go back and hire you through the old account.


On the upside, as a newcomer this could be advantageous for you. The client will also be treated as a different client for JSS purposes, meaning that you'll get JSS faster--maybe when this job closes, given the number already on your profile. 

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Hi Simon,


Unfortunately, if you are hired using a completely different client account, the lower fee won't apply. The company you work with could, however, use Permissions feature to have other people manage the client account you were hired by originally. This feature allows more than one person manage one client company account.

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Thanks for the replies!


I saw that there would have been a way for the original person that hired me to have added the new client to the group, but for some reason that wasn't feasible on their side. This third phase is a lot smaller in scope than the first two, so the fee difference won't be that large.