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New VAT number - how to change it without VAT being charged in the meantime?

Hello community !


I love Upwork, but the one thing that I hate here is that I can never figure out how to contact support, I always end up on the help pages 😕


So maybe you can help me, or let me know how to file a request ?


I have a new VAT number (EU citizen). My old one is still valid, and my new one too. I would like to change it on Upwork but having a smooth transition, to avoid that I won't be charged VAT inbetween. Previously, it took Upwork about 2 weeks to approve my old VAT number and I want to make sure this time there is no drama and extra costs for nothing that I can't claim back. This is my concern if I change it manually in the settings, so I wanted to contact support to make sure there is a smooth transition....


Hope someone can help!


Thanks in advance and a lovely weekend to you all.



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Hi Katrin,


Make sure your new VAT number can be validated on VIES website. If it can be validated there, it should take no more than 3 days for Upwork to confirm it once you enter it to your account.

~ Valeria
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