New bugs/glitches with the UI

Yesterday I decided to apply for a job and I opened the dialog for creating a proposal - the text fields had no borders.

I reported the bug (it's a bug, is not it - does it make sense to write text in the void?) and the answer was "this is by design".

99% of forms on the web either have bordered text fields or at least a bottom border (if they follow Google Material design principles) - and here we suddenly have no borders at all. Because someone (I have no clue whether this decision comes from a manager or from a designer) decided that text fields will be better without borders.




Then I decided to make a tiny update to my overview. I opened my profile and the characters counter below the text field suddenly shows a negative number. How is this possible? This overview has already been created 4 months ago - and back then Upwork happily accepted it.

I reported the bug and the reply was "This field has a limit of 5000 symbols". I counted the symbols in two different text editors and the number is 4170 symbols. Obviously there is something wrong here as 5000 minus 4170 is certainly not -1119 ...




Hi Ivaylo,


Thank you for reaching out to us. I checked this for you and I was not able to replicate the issue. I see that the text files have borders and the word count did not show a negative number. Here's the screenshot that I took. 


This could have been a minor glitch but thank you so much for reporting. If we get several more reports, we will proceed to investigate the issue. 

~ AJ

The character cap in the overview has been around for two years. I haven't been able to edit my profile for the same reason. Wait until you find the sections with a 500-character cap. Some of the new features are great useless for this very reason.