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New connects update is messing with Job Applications

Hi Freelancers, I have been on Upwork for more than 08 years. Back when it was Odesk. I love this platform but seriously WTH!!! is wrong with your new connects system. As a freelancer, I am paying now and my connect reserve is expiring quicker. Jobs are getting closed every sec and without a reason. I am a Senior Level Designer with a kick-ass profile and not getting any jobs is frustrating. I was a top-rated seller and my profile is dropped, no interviews and no job responses which makes me think if the jobs are even real or bot-based. Please let me know if there is something I can do to fix my profile or if you are also facing something similar. 

Many Thanks.

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To be honest, I am also facing similar issues. People say it is just the holiday season and I hope they are right but .... Not quite sure, probably if after September the things are not changing you know what we all have to do. Paying for something which gets no return will not carry on for long. People are not that naive.

Thank you for sharing. The reason I posted this was to see if there are similar cases. 

Freelancer Plus

same issues here..only my long term clients are keeping things moving..i am also planning not to buy any additional connects once my membership alloted connects get over..


i have made over 100+ proposals since last month and none except 1-2 converted..and my conversion rate has never been so bad being a top rated designer..

Exactly my case. Proposals keep on closing without any reason. I am unable to keep a track. and its frustrating. Thanks Rahul. 

yes it is no doubt frustrating....if things doesnt improve in a month or so unfortunately it will be time to move on from here 😞

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You are not alone.

Even new freelancers like me a experiencing it. I'm just hoping things will change after the holidays.
If it doesn't (I pray it doesn't get to that), we will have to look somewhere else

Good luck to us all!
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