New feature for freelancer profiles- contracts

Ok, this has probably already been suggested, but I'm adding it anyway. I think that adding a new feature to our profile pages could prove useful. Sometimes we have contracts open, but are not currently working on anything with the client. Some of my clients like to keep the contract open so they can send me tasks as and when they need me. All of the contracts say 'job in progress' which sometimes isn't really the case. Sometimes you don't hear from the client for a while. I feel that it can give potential clients the wrong idea and they'll think that I have too many other contracts that I'm working on. Maybe different terms could be used i.e 'Currently working', 'Currently not working'. I would find this helpful. Just an idea. Thanks. Gill
Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Gillian, Thanks for sharing your ideas and feedback! I have passed it along to our Product Team for consideration.
~ Valeria

I know the problem - I suggest "open-ended contract" or "contract left open", as an extra setting that could be counted. So it could read "6 ongoing jobs, 20 open-ended contracts" or something like that. That way, it would signal in a positive way that you're the kind of freelancer whom clients like to keep on their books, rather than someone with too much work

Just like it says on our main profile the last time we worked, how about have it on a per-contract basis as well?

I have clients that I don't hear from for ages, then they randomly pop up out of the blue, ask me for a little bit of work, and then I don't hear from them again until they need me for something else. From my profile, it looks like I don't have time to perform natural bodily functions, let alone, take on more work.

Thanks Valeria, I hope something comes of this. That's kinda how I was thinking, Nicole. It should show the last date that the contract was worked on. I just think that this is important because if a potential client sees a few open contracts on my profile, they may make a comment about it. If I try to explain to them that I'm not currently working on anything, they might think that I'm lying because after all, the contracts do say 'job in progress'. It gives the impression that you won't have enough time to fully concentrate on their project and it would be a risk if they hired you. Some potential clients may even stay away from my profile and not contact me at all because they see too many jobs in progress. I could be missing out on work and not even know it.