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New freelancer and first project


I am new freelancer and first time ha e project in upwork . I had proposal from a customer to do fixed price project , and we exchanged messages . I start the project , but I can’t see any contracts in my profile. Have I meant to receive a contract ? Should I been expecting any thing under my offer icon or contract icon ?

Many thanks
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Yes, you should not be working until you have a contract and the full amount for the first milestone is in escrow. If you don't have that, there is no way to make the client pay you.

So do I need to ask the client for contract? .I can see from from the ad that it says payment upon completing the task .

Sorry , but What is the first milestone? The project is 60 dollar and the Ad said will be once finished ?

Many thanks

Mohamad, I'm sincerely not trying to be rude; but have you read anything regarding how to get started on this platform or did you just dive in?  There's an abundance of information one needs to learn first, and it's readily available within the "Help and Support" area as well as within this Community.


Most of us here are all for helping others.  However, people need to also help themselves.

Thanks for the advice , will read.

Thank you for the advice , I will start reading now.

Mohamed, here's a great starting point:





Start here.  


Good luck!



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