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New freelancer and not getting job

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Saddam H Member Since: Jan 6, 2015
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Hi, I am a new freelancer, but I have worked for a software company for 3years and I have experienced of PHP for 4years, still I am not getting any job in odesk. Can anyone help me? please.

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Preston H Member Since: Nov 24, 2014
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Your profile is set to private, so nobody here can look at it. We don't know what kind of jobs you're applying for and we have not read your cover letters, so there is not much we can do to offer advice.

Don't post your cover letters. Don't post links to target jobs. Do change you profile status to public.

Otherwise, all I can suggest is work on improving your profile and portfolio and keep trying.
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Michael T Member Since: Jan 7, 2015
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 Participate in public forums and point people to those forums, to show you're an expert.  Bump your StackExchange score by answering hard and easy questions.  Post some open-source code to github you've written or forked.


Make sure your cover letters are custom-written to the requirements.  Most cover letters simply say something stupid like "I read your requirements and I am perfect for this job", which has been cut and pasted from every cover letter that person has ever written.


Review your English before posting anything.  Things like "I have experienced of PHP for 4years" may not reflect anything about your PHP skills, but they reflect a lack of attention to detail.  Instead, say something like "I have 4 years of PHP experience" or something like that.  It's very easy to dismiss someone with grammatical mistakes or typos in their cover letter.


And the most obvious one, no one will hire you if your profile is private.  



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Ronald T Member Since: Sep 14, 2009
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Kudos to MT for the helpful, meaningful advice given to SH.

I have written in the oDesk Community forum about ways freelancers might leverage simple SEO and SMM techniques to enhance their chances of getting jobs via oDesk. For instance, using the "AddThis" feature at the bottom of posts to leverage Social Medai Marketing (SMM). Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a little more invovled; too much to discuss in this post.

In addition, I have also pointed out that freelancer profiles are extremely important, especially with regard to using proper grammar, punctuation, and mechanics when writing in the English language.

Regarding English writing, two posts that might be of help:

English Writing Skills - Part 1

English Writing Skills - Part 2

Edited 01/09/2015 RT/lwm


Ron aka LanWanMan
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Aseem B Member Since: Dec 20, 2014
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Hi Saddam

I started on odesk with similar experience like you(3 Years working in some software companies). It took me almost a full month to complete my profile improving it bit by bit.It is very important to have some good portfolio pieces.


Also when starting, try to apply for as many jobs as possible and analyze what is the rate at which clients contacts you back for job applications. If you have a low response rate, then work on your cover letters(Search for examples from experienced freelancers on web).


Also hope but do not expect instant results. Although I started getting responses from clients early on, it took me almost 3 months to accept my first contract (I was a bit careful to not accept anything I can not deliver) 


Other than that do not accept a contract for a pay that is not suitable for you. It is best to wait for good clients and focus your energy on them. It is not uncommon here for small jobs with decent hourly rates to turn into full time opportunity.


One last thing, go through this thread before posting this question here.