New idea about status message or mood to express my availability for vacation settings here

Its like I have running some contract. Those need every day to work. Now I am available every day. But I am planning to go for vacation at next 5 or 4 day. Now I have to manually finish all task then have to tell all client that I will not be available for next 5 days from the day like any day. 


Now if here comes a new option that will do this matter automatically than this will be very fine. 


It could be like this 


I am setting a status message and all my client will automatically see this. >  Status Message : Wish to go vacation for 5 days from date 2-10-2015 to 5-10-15 . 


Then all my client will not give me any task in those days. Also if they have preplanned to giving me work at those days then they could alter it and could preplanned to giving those days task to another worker. So I will just put a status message and from that day I will be unavailable for 5 days. After backing regular work will go on. 



This message system could automate our future work flow as very fine. Please give your comment or suggestion about this new feature. Then we will request to Up Work to make such an option for us.