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New job search interface

Has anybody tried this out?


It is not impossible, but I have never had any problem with the old job search interface, why do they now want to give us a great gappy page with fewer features? 


They have also left 'Translation' out as one of the categories, and it's not under 'Writing', either.  Translation is clearly low on their list of priorities. 


I just keep seeing the same stuff over and over. grr

I have had more than one interested potential client say that they never saw me in search results, though. grrrr

Edited to add:

I saw Translation now under Admin Support. 

@cairenn R wrote:

I saw Translation now under Admin Support. 

 What the what is doing there?????

Cairenn, are you referring to Transcription? It is under Admin Support. Translation is a category of its own now.

~ Valeria

Valeria, I tried out the new job search and translation is nowhere to be found. Has this changed in the last hour?

Hi Nichola,


I just checked your account and this is what I see on the left when I search by any keyword or category:




Is it different from what you see?

~ Valeria

Hi Valeria, it has just come up for me now. It wasn't showing before. But there are many other features missing, including my job feed and my categories.

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