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New minimum hourly - Some clients are trying to play with it !

Some of Upwork clients are trying to play with the minimum hourly rate system - DON'T bid on junk jobs like that ... it will only encourage them to do it in the future ...


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This post is i think written months ago he is just making some changes to this . The client can make it fixed price later on but they dont hire anyone after seeing each bid above 3$ /h . Just flag these jobs when u see them but how u will flag 😛 this system of upwork is.also failed untill u report to the CS about each job u see fake or spam.
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Which is why I don't apply to those that specify that laughable rate.


And people wonder why Writers and SEO experts don't get better rates.

Ever since oDesk launched the new ($3) hourly rate, clients have been doing this. They simply use a fixed-price contract to pay freelancers. But, they can't exactly track their time properly so freelancers could potentially take advantage of the cheap-ass clients. 

This is all you need to see, to know you must just move along.


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Hi Octavian and others,


Please report these jobs to Support and we'll reach out to clients to address the posts or remove them for policy infringement. We will also address client behavior if they continue to post jobs which are in violation of our job posting policies.


Please only work according to our Payment Protection Programs so you can ensure you get paid. We'll continue working diligently to get rid of these bad performers.