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New scam gaining momentum

Hi, this needs to be addressed for it is coming up and it's coming up fast.


In the last couple of days, I've flagged maybe 30 posted jobs, as I've seen them as identical. Double posts or even triple posts. The actual content in the posts has been identical. The posts have been from the same country and they have even been verified payments (which is easy to do, I know).


The only thing that has differed when looking CLOSE into these posts, is that while one post has been from a legit client, with history, ratings, and all that, the other(s) have not been. You can see it on the client rating and on how long they've been a member on Upwork. All of which is posted in the actual job post. 


The only conclusion I can draw from this is that this is a new way scammers are trying to get access to your money or personal info. 


Stay alert, fellow freelancers!

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