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New to Upwork. Not able to get projects

Hi all,


I am new to Upwork and I am not to get any work. I am in urgent need of some extra cash. I am happy to partner with any of the freelancers out there for a small cut of project fee. 

I am happy to connect with any of the clients out there too.


Please feel free to reach me for any suggestions or advice too.

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Your profile is set to private. Go in and change it to be visible as a first step.

I am unable to change it to private. It says to get a hired first and only then I will be able to.

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1. Develop relevant skills.

2. Learn how to freelance.

3. Read Upwork's terms of service and learn how the platform works.

4. Join the platform and start sending out proposals.


This is not a place to make "urgent" extra cash. It takes time and skills.

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