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New to upwork

My profile is only 40% complete and since I'm insecure I didn't link my bank account yet.
I was just a student, I have no employment history and nothing to put on my portfolio, but I am very confident of my skills and the only thing I can show-off are the tests I did. So I was wondering if I finish a job, can i get paid for it?



Obviously I have many more questions but this one matters the most to me. If I can't do anything without my bank account linked then I'm waiting for nothing...

Hope to get some answers. 🙂


You can link your account to a PayPal account.


The PayPal account is limited to $500 in transactions a month though.

@Jake S wrote:

You can link your account to a PayPal account.


The PayPal account is limited to $500 in transactions a month though.

Possibly this varies by location or age of Paypal account or...something? I receive more than $500/month from Upwork via Paypal. 

Is your PayPal account linked to your bank account?


I think the $500 limit is to prevent money laundering.


I believe that the moderators have said previously that you do not need to link your bank account right away.  

If you complete your profile and

if it is accepted and

if you are then offered and agree to a contract, your money will remain available from Upwork until you link to either a bank account or Paypal.


You do have to finish your profile and have it accepted first of all.


Linking your bank account is pretty secure. I don't think you should worry about that. In fact it's about the fastest and easiest way to transfer the money you get.  And I've never heard of a bank account being hacked. At least I haven't heard. 


You asked if you finish a job can I get paid for it. Hopefully you better get paid for it. The only way you wouldn't is if you started working before the client funded escrow. That happens a lot on here. Also, accepting payment outside of this site is against Upwork's TOS. Scammers usually pull that trick, telling you they will send a check to you or pay you through PayPal. Being awarded a job And ALL financial transaction Must be conducted on this site. There are a lot of scammers on here that look to cheat new contractors. If you're not sure of something come on here and ask.


Just remember, escrow funded BEFORE you start a job (no matter what the client may tell or promise you.)

Youi must be awarded a job on this site. (don't take a clients word of mouth in an email message saying they hired you.

And never pay a client for supplies that they tell you you'll need. Clients pay YOU, not the other way around. If you need special equipment or programs, the cost of that should be figured in with how much you want to be paid.

Oh, and never ever give out personal information to a client such as bank account numbers, PayPal or credit card account numbers, social security numbers, passport information, auto/license tag numbers etc. Clients don't need that information,


Concerning your profile, play up, emphasize your skills. Are  you more experienced in writing articles, blogs, stories, translating etc.  Don't make it sound like you don't know anything. Remember, you're competing against hundreds of thousands of other contractors worldwike . As for your work samples, make up things, write an imaginary article, or blog or story etc.