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New (to us) Situation - New Contracts, Completely Unresponsive Clients - Suggestions?

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Vivek K Member Since: May 28, 2016
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When I discuss my project with the chosen freelancer, I always ask them 'Do you have everything that you need from my end?' If they say yes I ask them to accept the contract and move ahead on the Job. 

How is a contractor supposed to do work if they do not have the required files or inputs.


If the input is something that you can find out/ Figure out yourself, you can go ahead and do the work.  Otherwise There are only two possibilities 

1. The clients become responsive and the project gets done


2. You close the contract from your end.

Ofcourse there are issues of Sucess Scores etc that you will need to keep into account. 


If you are sure the clients are not going to return, You should actually close them . Too many open contracts make the freelancer seem more busy (and hence less likley to be available for new work)  than they are.

However I do not have  much knowledge of how JSS would be impacted on closing multiple unpaid contracts, so cannot advice you  regarding that aspect. But most likley You should periodically close contracts one by one so that any negative effect can be minimized by the positive feedback from other contracts.