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New type of Scam Alert

Hi dear freelancers there is a new kind of scam going on Upwork. *Be advised.


Have you ever seen this kind of job post if yes be advised its a scam. 

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There are many this kind of scam going on in Upwork. They ask wether you have Google play console ID. You need Google play console ID to publish your app on Google Play Store to open this ID you need your proper documents and pay one time fee which is $25. 


You will see many job post like above which project price maybe $30-$50 which itself is suspicious (already told anyone can get Console ID at $25 only). If you have it then they will ask you to provide access to your Google Play Console so that they can upload their app through your account. If you provide it you are done for good. They will start uploading scam apps, adware apps, betting apps, porn apps or malicious app through your account which is against Google terms and conditions and once Google finds this your ID will be suspended and you will never be able to open another Google Play Console account. Look at the message below and see how they ask to provide access.


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They even promise to pay you monthly rent if the app is Published on Google Play which is fake. And after they upload their apps they will delete the job post (they never pay you) and whoever knows about Google Play Console they know once the App is Published you cannot undo or delete it without contacting Google. So, you are done anyway.


What to do

If you see this kind of job post Flag it or report it to Upwork. **Never provide access to your account. Never fall easily for this scam. 


I would like to request Upwork to ban this kind of job post and take strict action.



Kiran Khadka

Community Member

It is old scam but your detailed description is useful.

I am new on Upwork I didn't know it was a scam. Therefore trying to give details and information to new Freelancers.

I am also new here on upwork and i am continusly trying to find a job here ..but could not find even a single one . If somebody help me in finding the job here ... 

Yes, getting job here is starting to feel like winning a lottery. I am active here since last two months. I made $345 total here out of which only $15 from Upwork client rest $330 from direct contract which I have bought my client from other Freelancer sites. 



Can u suggest me other freelance sites .so that i could be able to introduce myself in freelancing platform 

You can Google it. It will be against Upwork policies if you advertise other freelancing site's here.


Just make your profile outstanding. Don't use AI for proposal. Write sweet and short proposal yourself. Before applying for jobs make sure you check the client profile like wether he/she has payment method verified or not and look at the client history like hire percentage. It takes a lot of connect's to apply so be sure it's a genuine job. And one last thing we are new here we don't have JSS and Badge's which client prefers, so apply for $5-$50 first to make your profile outstanding with good reviews after that aim for higher project okay.

Yes its really useful and be aware of scam.





Hi Kiran,


I checked the job post you were referring to and it appears that it's already been taken down because it was in violation of Upwork TOS.

Please check out this course for more tips on staying safe on Upwork and please use the flag option found on each job post or message anytime you’d like to report a violation.


Thank you,



Thank you for taking it down. I am still seeing plenty of others too. I will flag it one by one. Just want to make Upwork safe for all.

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I’m also new here, I’ve already given access to my console a couple of times, but I just read your article and immediately deleted them, they didn’t have time to create the application, thank you brother

not a true.

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