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New writer getting experience - help!

I joined this site in an attempt to gain writing experience, but so far, I have had no luck. It seems that most clients, even in the beginning/entry level section want writers with hours and hours of experience, that I don't have (and can't get) Basically, I think I'm asking how to get out of the circle of being overlooked for jobs because of the lack of experience, and the lack of experience because of being over looked.

Hi, Kathleen. Well, there is no way out the the circle. Only if you undercut everyone else with lowest price possible. I assume that you'll have to do several first jobs virtually for free just to gain rating. Also, there is a problem with so-called "established" contractors. There is bunch of people with ratings, hundreds of hours and dozens of well paying ongoing jobs, who still apply to entry level writing proposals. Why are they doing it, i can't phantom. Maybe out of greed (though another 10-20$ won't make a difference), or maybe it' some kind if automatic applications. So my advise is, apply a lot, set low price and hope for better.