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Newbie Here, need a profile review

Ace Contributor

I really need your help, pls help me rate my profile so i could make it more better.

pls. rate my profile:

-Profile Picture




-Upwork tests


Community Guru

I'd remove anything that says 'below average' when it comes to your tests. Photo looks pretty good. Portfolio is good. Your English needs a tiny bit of polishing, but it's refreshing to see that your self assesment of your English actually matches your standard of English. It's not uncommon to see a portfolio that says "I is wanting to be doing the good works with you're" and then it says English: Fluent.  


But anyway, overview looks pretty good. I always think it's a good idea to connect the dost for potential clients though. So rather than just a list of things that you have experience in, maybe flesh it out a bit to tell clients what you can offer them and that they should get in touch with you if... 


So rather than 'well experienced in materials estimate', you could maybe go for... 'looking to get an estimate for your project? Need an idea of what your build will cost prior to commencement? No problem! I have considerable experience in material estimates, and would be happy to work with you to nail down the budget for your project etc etc.'


So rather than a commercial that says "this is a drink", you're saying... "Thirsty? Tired? You've come to the right place! This refreshing drink will restore you to a state of optimal liquid impregnation, to banish thirst once and for all. Your soul will be nourished, your body will be revitalised, and your very being will flourish like never before. Just imagine it. Imagine the cold liquid sliding down your throat and filling every single nerve ending with pure, unadulterated pleasure. Buy me. Buy me now. You will never regret it, as long as you will live. But if you do not buy me... you will weep uncontrollably like a small child for the remainder of your miserable existence. You have been warned. Now go out there and buy me. Spread the word."


That's just me though, others might not agree.  

"Welcome, humans. I'm ready for you!"
- Box, Logan's Run (1976)

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