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Newbie asking for tips!

Hi, everyone!


I wanted to say thank you for all of your great advice on landing that first job and all of your great success stories! Reading through the posts, I have gained a lot of tips on beginning my journey as an independent contractor, so I'd like to say thank you to everyone!


I just joined only last week and I was wondering if someone could take a look at my profile and give me some tips. It's been a bit of trial and error, but I'd like to gain some feedback on what I can improve on and other advice for really making myself get my name out there.


If someone could take a look and give me some tips, I'd really appreciate it! Thank you, everyone for all of your advice!

Community Guru

Your profile is looking pretty good. Your begining rate is good and your Profile Overview looks nice.


I'd say your ready to bid on jobs, have you set up your search feeds yet?


Also, can you create any sort of mockups for your portfolio? Maybe write a small guide regarding best hiring tips and then add it as a portfolio item?


Also, I had to search for your profile, because it's not set to be fully public. This won't affect you being found by clients, but others answering this thread might just say "your profile is private". It's not.

Thank you so much, Pandora!! 


I've been wondering about searches, since I just manually search for projects and have bid on a few of them, but I'll take a look at the feeds so I can dive in. 


I've been wondering what to put in my portfolio, since my skills aren't really tangible, so to speak. I sat here, thinking "well, I'm not really a programmer so I can't post code" or "I'm not a writer, I can't post an article." I appreciate your advice and steering me in the right direction!



Thank you so much, again! I really appreciate the feedback!

Community Guru

Hi Patricia,


It's nice to see that you're starting off with a positive attitude. It will most likely be trial and error for a while, but as long as you keep positive, you will do well here.


After looking at your profile, here is one tip I would give. The best overviews generally are "yes profiles." What do I mean by that? With each sentence, a potential client mentally answers "yes" or agrees with what you've stated. With this type of overview, you can get into the clients head, so to speak, and convince them that you know what they're looking for/what they need. 


While you have some good info in your overview, it is hard for clients to mentally agree when we are speaking about ourselves. For example, they have no way of knowing if we are ambitious, experienced, etc. They can't say "yes" to this. However, if we reframe the way we say these things to be client-focused, they will come to the conclusion that we are (and also come to the conclusion that we can get the job done). 


I've found that questions are a great way to do this. "Are you looking for an ambitious business professional who is as passionate about growing your business as you are?" Mental answer: "Yes, of course!" And after reading more of your "yes profile," a potential client may say, " Hmmm...I think I should go ahead and contact Patricia..." Smiley Wink

I totally agree with what Nia said about having questions on your profile. Mine has questions, and I get lots of compliments about my Profile.


You don't have to go that route, but it's an excellent sales tactic 🙂


A call to action is a good idea too. It can say "contact me for more info" or "look at my Portfolio" or whatever.

Thanks! I was really amazed to see the difference when I started using questions. Almost immediately, there was so much more interest in my services. I also began getting a lot of compliments. 


And I totally agree that CTA's are golden Smiley Wink

Such great advice!! Thank you, Nia! 


I love this! I've been batting around the ol' sales route for a bit and incorporated some of it in my proposals, but I hadn't even thought of it in my overview! The way you explained it makes a lot of sense as well, so I will hit the edit button and add some questions to it. 


Once again, thank you so much for your advice! Everyone here has been so helpful!

In your photo it looks like you are wearing a seatbelt. It looks like a selfie.


Use a different photo.

Patricia, I agree with Preston. While you don't have to put on a tie, your profile photo should be professional. You are selling your professional services. As a human resources manager, would you hire someone with your photo attached to their resume?


I know it seems like a small thing but I can guarantee you that as a client I want to see a pleasant, professional photo where I can clearly see your face. The rest of your profile is really good. Don't let yourself down with a subpar photo.

Patricia is offering her services as a bookkeeper. Her photo is the very first thing potential clients will see.


How many clients, if presented with ten candidates, will eliminate five of them right off the bat based on who looks like a serious financial professional in their photo?


A bookkeeper's photo will be different from a photo posted by a freelancer offering other services. Such as an audio mixer advertising their services to aspiring hip hop music groups.


My own photo is not random. It is extremely calculated... Facial expression, pose, attire, background, lighting. It is meant to illicit a specific response and attract the attention of a certain type of client.

Thank you for your advice, Preston!


I understand where you're coming from and I will get that modifyed as soon as possible. It's a learning curve for me as a first time freelancer, so any advice I am grateful for. I was kind of hesitant to put that photo up to begin with, but I will get a newer professional one uploaded. Thank you again!

Thank you for your advice, Jennifer!


It's not a small thing at all! I'm looking for the fine-tooth comb so I can set myself up for success. I appreciate it!

Community Guru

As far as photos are concerned, just don't use those fish-eyed, blue background photos and you're pretty good. 

PS My photo isn't professional-grade.