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Newbie clients, please learn how to create an offer contract!!

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Elaine G Member Since: Apr 20, 2014
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Frustrated about almost getting hired many times but when I state I can only commence work upon Odesk offer contract received its as if it'll bite their heads off?! Or they have no idea how to create one?? Grr rant over!
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Daniel John B Member Since: Oct 3, 2013
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hah, yes, I have suffered a little with this. In fairness to the ones I have worked with it is usually their first project. A little push in the right direction helps. On my first oDesk project, it was also my clients first times ensued Smiley Very Happy
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Marcia M Member Since: Apr 3, 2013
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I can understand new clients not understanding how the system works, but there's no need to bite anyone's head off. Maybe it's your choice of client or how you are communicating with them.
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Rajeev K Member Since: Apr 18, 2014
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simply point them to the help center link, of creating a offer, it's a less then one minute instruction and you will be hired. And heads of both ends will be saved Smiley Happy
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Elaine G Member Since: Apr 20, 2014
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Not biting anyone's heads off, just a rant. I did do that, guide them to creating a contract but disappeared after or replied someone else they've hired, meaning that other freelancer accepted a no-contract-no-payment offer? Shame on him/her for ruining us genuine quality freelancers here!