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Newbie need help and guidance on first job

Hello dear fellow freelancers and upwork team, 
This is my first post , please help by giving me feedback and perhaps solution.
I just start doing my freelance works, for my family and baby daughter. Previously I have managerial position as supply chain management manager, corporate strategy, business transformation, as well as working as lecturer and trainer. Well that is before layoff tsunami is coming due to covid. Please help if check my profile
Here is the issue : Well i got message from one of the clients where my proposal on Upwork for creating 3 days course slides on subject soft competencies for only $80 (since it for long term relationship purpose i think), since last week of March. Well im very happy, so i used all my knowledge and research for creating a fantastic slides to contribute to education and help many people, I finished my jobs on the next day and submit my draft on the message, But no contract yet. Clients said he will sent me my contract soon, Okay then this is my first Job.
Up until now i still creating revised version of the slides as client guidance and inputs based on taste preference not basically on content, in example : change the picture, change the time schedule on subject, add local companies.
Well i revised it and sent it back again, but up until now after i back to back finished my job and revised, there is still no contract.
So, please help,,my question is
1. Is it unfavorable position for me??
2. what can i do next time when clients contacted me, should i ask for contract first??
3. What best scenario for getting paid ? project based or hourly?
4. Can i still getting paid for my effort and what i already did?
5. What can i do for the solution?

Sorry im asking too much, just want to try to make a living, Please help , any kind of comments, feedbacks, input for solution is very highly appreciated. Many Thanks Before

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Hi Gilang,


Thanks for reaching out. I know how important it is as a freelancer to get started as soon as possible. I noticed in your posted message that you communicated with this client outside of Upwork before a contract was placed. Please know that this is not allowed. You should only start working once you have an active contract with your client. 


Below are a few Upwork Academy courses to help you in your freelancer journey:
Additionally, feel free to sign up for upcoming events and webinars to learn more about how you can boost your success on Upwork.
~ Joanne
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Hello, Joanne
Really appreciated for the response, the client is from upwork and the proposal is on upwork post, and it seems have that verified payment status. 
I see,so basically we as freelancers should not do any work without active contract was placed. Thanks, lesson learned from me, But can this clients still be charged for what i did for him?? 

Hi Gilang,


Unfortunately, we won't be able to charge the client without a contract in place. You may ask the client to create a contract so they can pay you.

~ AJ
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