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Newbie need help and guidance on first job

Hello dear fellow freelancers and upwork team, 

i want to ask some questions,


Question one:
Contract signed, job done. Milestones are set and payments are required. But the customer suddenly didn't respond, and there was no review and approval, and there was no reply to the message. Funds are in escrow. Do I have to wait 14 days to get paid? Will this affect my item's rating?


Question two:
How can more people know me and hope to cooperate with me? My point of connection points. It seems that the number of connections is not enough. And many proposals have not been answered, it seems that they have no effect, wasting points.
I am a newcomer who has just registered and my English is not very good. I use translation or AI, can a friend help me answer it. Or give me a better suggestion.


I currently hope to be a full-time freelancer. My field of expertise is 3D and design.
You can also check my detailed information and business card, if you have any good suggestions, please let me know.


My first job experience was not very good. Although the money is not much, I am very happy to help people solve their problems. But customers do not have the spirit of contract. I will continue to work hard to protect my rights and my IP .

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Hi Xing,


1. This happens sometimes. You can still submit your work for approval by the client and I believe if they don't respond in 14 days it is released automatically. 


2. In my opinion the connects are a problem, I can understand your frustration, unfortunately until upwork decides to review the system and give more connects or make them cheaper/free there isn't much we can do. Try to make your free connect proposals count, clients don't always respond so it is just a case of keep applying and hopefully some will respond. 


Hope that helps! Keep working toward your goals ,





Thanks a lot, I'm still researching. I hope you can provide opinions in the long run. I will read it carefully.
There is one more question I would like to understand.
If the contract is signed, milestones are set, I submit the documents. The customers encountered were unable to communicate, made excessive demands or made modifications.

what do I do? Is it only for arbitration? Or delay and not give you settlement rewards?

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Upwork is more competitive than ever and Upwork needs the additional revenue from selling millions of connects each year to begin to hope to become a profitable company.


As a new freelancer, you'll have to spend more time and effort on your proposals and more money on Upwork's pre-contract fees (aka connects) than ever before.


Until you establish a reputation for quality work on Upwork (after at least 5 - 10 successfully completed projects and, eventually, a 90+ JSS?) you face an uphill battle to get started here.


Good luck!

Thank you for your suggestion, I think I can understand it as a recharge member. But if you encounter the fake recruitment information, or the proposal without any reply. As a freelancer, there are no refunds for withdrawals. Wouldn't it be a bit inappropriate? Points are too hard to get. Moreover, it is more difficult to distinguish between jobs, since it is a global cooperation after all. Don't know each other well.
Want to hear your advice again.

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There is no way to avoid paying for connects if you want to be an active applicant to as many projects as you think you can complete successfully. Don't submit one or two proposals and then stop looking for more  projects until you know whether those proposals have been accepted by the clients. If a client waits so long to reply to you that you are already too busy with other projects, that's just his or her tough luck. (Yes, that's unlikely for a new freelancer. But you may need to submit at least 100 proposals before you know whether the combination of your price and cover letter/proposal can win you projects on Upwork.)


Every freelancer's experience is in some ways unique. But staying busy with Upwork projects is a numbers game for most freelancers, at least the ones whose type of work has a beginning, a middle and and end, so new projects must be regularly found.


Since Upwork provides almost zero information about clients' history of working with other freelancers, you'll have to be very focused on working with good and reliable clients. Ask them questions that will tell you if they understand their own projects. If they ask you no questions on what you think is a project with some complexities, that's a  red flag. And if you cannot communicate with them due to language problems, tell them "thanks, but no" and move on. Poor communication between freelancer and client will almost guarantee that neither will be completely happy when the project's done.


And make sure you understand how Upwork works, so when a client (who either through naivete or dishonesty) suggests something that doesn't conform with Upwork's rules and procedures (such as asking you to pay them an upfront "deposit," telling you they'll pay you via some mechanism other than Upwork's payment system or insisting you work on a fixed price project without them first funding a milestone), then you can refer them to Upwork's documentation on the subject, which you must know far better than clients need to know.


And, as always, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is!


Good luck!



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