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Newbie needs help discerning if this is a scam

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I offered a proposal and was accepted for an interview.  We are having an interview via Google Chat and the person suggested:


"All payment will go through Upwork after working directly with **Edited for Community Guidelines**for the period of 2 weeks."


The company is **Edited for Community Guidelines** and they have only been on UpWork for a few days.  They are offering my a position, but I'm skeptical.  They are not asking for money up front.


Is this a scam? They claim I will get paid and now they are offering benefits after 3 months of working for them.


Advice pretty please?  




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Now they have replied with this


"Before you start work you will receive a payment(Check) ,you will be using this payment (check) to set up your mini office by purchasing some office equipment and accounting software, immediately you get this payment you start work fully."


What'cha think?

@Amber J wrote:

What'cha think?

 It is obviously a scam, one of the oldest ever on the Internet, been around in various forms for over 10 years, and nobody has EVER received a real check, because real companies do not send real checks to strangers on random websites.

Well, they did offer to send me a wire transfer (heehee). 


I'm sure my bank info would be totally safe with them, right? 😉


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It's a scam.


There are many telltale signs that it is a scam.


These include:

- Google chat

- offering benefits

- asking you to work for free for a couple weeks, and will start paying you later

- offering you a check (or any form of payment outside of Upwork)

- asking you to buy office equipment

That's what I thought.  It sounds so weird I'm like "your just going to send me money to buy a bunch of computer software?"


I think I will politely decline.  


Should I alert someone in UpWork or something?


Thank you, by the way!  I appreciate the quick responses!

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Amber, 


You are right to be suspicious about the job. It's a common scam. I'll follow up with the team to make sure it's removed as soon as possible.


Check out this post for useful tips that may help you avoid questionable jobs.

~ Valeria