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Hi all!



Very new to the world of freelancing! Excited to be starting, just wondering are there any tips/ bits of wisdom that I should be aware of? Want to hit the ground running! I still work part time as I learn how to do this and make it a viable option for income, but willing to put in time and effort to build up necessary skills!



Let me know your thoughts!



Community Guru

Hi Emma,


Welcome to the world of freelancing! There are a ton of tips I could give. 


Probably #1, though, is always, always focus on the client. From your overview to your proposals to actually completing jobs, you'll want to project what you can do for them, how your work benefits them, etc. Go the extra mile and you will have happy clients. Happy clients are repeat clients. Happy, repeat clients are invaluable to your business, and ultimately, they will help you to turn this into a steady source of income. 


There are many ways that you can do this, so you must be on guard for opportunities throughout the process of finding/working with clients. 


Just one thing. Focusing on the client doesn't mean shortchanging yourself. This doesn't mean giving super low rates just because the client is cheap. It doesn't mean going beyond the original scope of work for no extra pay just because a client is unwilling to pay more. It doesn't mean consistently having to work more than you intend because a client is just too demanding. There is a balance that's needed and you do need to know when to walk away from anyone who is only seeking their own benefit and not appreciative of your work. 


I wish you all the best here on Upwork!

Community Guru

Welcome.  There is a lot of great information within the community and on the main site that will help guide you. Read every single thing in the freelancer help section and read the stickied posts in this forum


A few helpful hints:


  • If someone asks you to interview on Google Hangouts, decline
  • If someone offers to send you a check for office equipment, run
  • If someone tells you they need your banking information in order to pay you, keep running
  • If someone says you're hired, but you don't see a contract on your "My Jobs" page, you're not hired

Only work with an active contract, fully funded milestones (if it's a fixed price job) and never accept payment off the platform.  


Those few things should help you get started.

Added to Christy's advice.


You will be well armed if you watch all the videos for newbies, read the terms of service, do the Upwork readiness test, and to deflect the scamsters who lie in wait for newbies, read this by Lena one of Upwork's moderators.

Community Leader

Welcome to the world of freelancing.


Having started on Upwork about 10 months ago, some of these tips and suggestions are still fairly fresh in my mind.


1.  Be diligent in everything you do from how you develop your profile to how you respond to jobs.

2. Continually reread your profile and make changes.  Look at your profile as a continual work in progress.

3. Don't set your expectations too high at the beginning.  You are going up against freelancers with job history.  Stay the course and you will find success.

4. Don't get frustrated if you do not get an invitation to a job.  There are many, many reasons why a client may not get back to you, chose another freelancer, etc.  A lot of jobs never end up hiring someone at all.  Submit your proposal and move on.

5. Patience is truly a virtue.  

6. As should always be the case, put your full effort into a job.  Your job reflects you as a freelancer.  Strive to go above and beyond to identify your client's needs and deliver a quality finished product.


All the best and good luck.

Community Guru

Welcome to Upwork, Emma!


As someone new to Upwork, you are probably a little overwhelmed. Below is a link and summary of UPworks "New to Upwork" training course. It's a small set of short videos. Highly recommend you bookmark this page and go through the videos one by one, at your leisure.


Direct Link To Course Page

The Videos Cover These Important Topics
Module 1: Best Practices for a Strong Profile
Module 2: Finding Projects & Clients
Module 3: Submitting Proposals
Module 4: Managing Communications
Module 5: Getting Paid
Module 6: Your Reputation on Upwork


And finally, don't start bidding on jobs until your profile sparkling and ready to attract clients. Big Tip: Check out the Profiles of some of us Forum regulars. We have been around for a long time and our Profiles are (at least in theory) are part of what makes us successful.