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Newby question

Hello, I am new to ODesk and I received my first  job interview offer yesterday (invited by the client) .


The interview was was conducted thru Yahoo messanger and I was being offered a check before I start the job to buy a laptop and multiple sofwares for the job.  

 I did stop the interview at this point,,saying I have PC issues, since it just seems to be unrealistic.


Sounds to good to be true??   How do I even know that the person I am talking to is in fact from the company they are saying they are.   Any advice on this?




The old we will mail you a check is an old scam. You were right to close the interview. I always insist on a skype or Google call for an interview.Just my preference. But report the job.There is link to flag the job. But never ever do a job that says they will send you a check for stuff and blah blah blah. Sorry your first experience was a not so good one. There are some good jobs on here just have to watch them.



Thank you for your reply Susanne.  I just flagged the job.   I guess I will just need to learn as I go and trust my instincts.   Thanks again



It seems your gut instinct was right on with this one. Just remember to go with that feeling when applying for jobs. You will find work just be patient and keep applying ...