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No Benefit of Top Rated

Hello Everyone !


I became a top rated freelancer 3 weeks before since then, I'm getting no views on my profile or invites. I loved before being top rated that I was getting alot of invites and views. 


If you can please check, I'd really appreciate your help. Thanks 🙂


You want  invitations. Clients want you to apply to their jobs. Someone has to make the first move. There is an army of designers at Upwork, nobody will notice you. I have no idea why you got invitations earlier 🙂


Your profile changed from being marked as 'Rising Talent' to 'Top Rated'. That means you're also going to be perceived differently by the clients.

It's possible that you were receiving more invitations from clients who were specifically looking for 'Rising Talent' profiles, in the hope of paying less for the same level of quality.

Now, you're targeting another group of clients: those who are primarily interested in the outcome of the project, not the price. This group is of higher quality, but smaller in numbers - so it's normal to receive less invitations.