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No Feedback Received From Client Issue

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Connor Riley J Member Since: Aug 20, 2019
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Several of my completed contracts have a label of "no feedback received" which is seemingly affecting my job completion score. I have only five-star reviews from clients so I assume the no feedback few are the cause. Are clients who do not provide feedback counted as 0 stars for the freelancer?


Any solutions for this, or possibly a way to prompt these clients without seeming rude for requesting feedback, would be much appreciated.

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Adam A Member Since: Apr 30, 2020
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Contracts that are closed with no feedback do negatively impact your JSS. This is one of the reasons it's recommended to let the client close the contract - they'll see an immediate (and very convenient) prompt to leave feedback upon closing.


There is a 14-day window from when the contract is closed to leave feedback. If you're nearing the end of that period, it's reasonable to (politely!) remind the client that their opportunity to leave feedback is about to slip away. Assuming you had a good working relationship with the client, they are unlikely to be offended by this request (and if the working relationship wasn't good, you might be better off with no feedback anyway).