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No Invitations/ No Acceptance of Proposals/ No Views

A Big Hello To allSmiley HappyHeart. I have started Working on UpWork from Last August 2020, Been Very active earlier, but as of now I have hardly received any interview request, Just (2 Invitation) as of now. I have cleared my Upwork Readiness Test also, and from last 2 weeks I’m constantly staying active on Upwork for at least 12 hours a Day.

As of Now I have Sent 17 Solution Based Proposals. But Haven’t received a single Reply.  I’m not sure what’s not working in my favour. I have shown my profile to many Freelancer expert and they say that I have excellent profile. Plus my stats are still 0.  Could you spare me a moment? and help me, I need some help, please. I will be really grateful if you do. Thanks 

Kind Regards


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Yes Parv, your profile is not bad at all. I'd only drop that long list or at least change it to non-capital letters.

I know nothing about your field so I can only give you rather generic advice.

If you are sure there ARE jobs that are exactly a perfect match with what you can do, there's only one possibility then. Your proposals don't trigger clients to connect with you. How many people apply for the same job, typically? Do the clients invite anyone or not?

For many intuitive guys who are naturally great at F2F situations, working in text-only mode can be quite frustrating. Over here we need to have that punch line in the beginning that makes people click on the proposal to see the rest of it.

Hi Mikko R Thanks a lot for your Response,Smiley Happy There ARE not many, but ya I can say decent no. jobs that are exactly a perfect match. I tried to send proposal, when there are less than 5 Proposals, but after some time there are about 20-50 proposal in a day, and also 2 or 3 Interview. That’s what Looks strange, Even I have sent Many solutions based proposal too...may be the client are too choosy or maybe they are not looking for person with no feedback, though I’m not new to freelancing field, and have some good testimonial from Outside up work clients. Plus I have 7 + years of experience in my skill.

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Have you considered using your legal training instead? Your profile says that you've got a Master of Laws, that would be way more promising to be turned into income on Upwork than what you are offering.

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HI Petra R, Smiley Happythanks for your response, actually the thing is that, Law differs with the countries, so that’s why I am not willing to provide my service on that area, J and my passion is coaching. But anyways Thanks for the advice.

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Thank you guys I have luckily got my 1st job today... thank you so much love to all..Heart

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