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No Invites No Response and No interview

Being Top rated i was assuming i will be getting invites which i never receive in past 3 months neither i have profile views only time i get some views is when i send some proposal, also for past 3 months i am unable to get a response from client no matter what i do, applying on relevant job with releavant proposals,


Before i was Top rated i used to get minimum of 3 responsive and get interviewed multiple times in which i close my clients.


Ever since i become top rated there is not a single new client, am i doing something wrong now?

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All good with you. Profile, feedbacks.. all look great.

Hard times for many freelancers now.

Thanks for taking your time out and visiting the profile your feedback was really a confidence booster as you yourself is highly experience, i have long way to go.

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Facing the same problem. the budget for many project is very and upwork has this new bidding thing. I rarely get any invites or response to proposals.

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I suspect the boosted proposal cash cow is supplying Upwork with a healthy new revenue stream and people like you and me with extra cost and no return.

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Lately every day someone has posted this same sentiment.  You're not alone!  

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Nothing wrong with your profile bro, its just a bad weather lately for us as freelancers, even my friend who had the account in other site face this kind of problem too 🥲

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