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No New Jobs Because of the Tests Implemented for the Minimum Wage

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Mereden Joy G Member Since: Mar 20, 2012
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Hi! I have been working as a virtual assistant in Odesk for almost three (3) years having no problems getting new jobs but recently, I can no longer get new jobs because clients can't meet my hourly rate which was proposed by Odesk without my permission. I mean, I have been working at an average rate of $2 ever since. I understand that some clients are abusing the minimum wage which I just found out but this is out of our jurisdiction as it depends on the contractor if they accept such low rates ($0.17). If they are sure that their skills are too high for the given rate of the client, then they can request it. That's the reason why we are given a proper communication with the client. There have been no problem about this but with regards to the changes made now wherein, I can't bid for my HOURLY RATE is very annoying. It's christmas, and we have to earn for it especially for us Filipinos who need to get back from what has happened to us. I have contacted my previous clients but can't rehire me because of this issue. So I hope, if you really want to help us, please remove this or much better if you make an option for users who want this and for a majority of us who don't want this change. Please. Pause this test immediately. Please? We need to have jobs. Please understand our situation. $4 is just too high. My profile has 4.75 stars and 7000 hours but I am sure that I my hourly rate should only be $2 per hour and not more. I can request a higher rate than that by myself if I want to. So please
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Kamal U Member Since: Jul 22, 2011
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Hi Rebecca, I am also facing same odd problem and I am totally agree with your opinion.
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Pradeep H Member Since: Nov 24, 2013
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Its same with me, I was able to bid an hourly rate of less than 4 USD on job post before but unable to bid below 4 USD now... I'm new to oDesk & I was unable to get my first job until I applied a job for as low as 1USD per hour. Most of the employer here prefer a low bidder and my application does not even catch their eyes due to strict hourly rate of 4USD forced on my profile by oDesk... If not for everyone, please take this mandate 4USD hourly rate from my profile otherwise oDesk profile will be of no use for me...
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Muhammad Faisal R Member Since: Dec 22, 2012
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you are correct ...odesk has to review its policy about this...
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Waqas S Member Since: Dec 2, 2012
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PLEASE SOLVE THIS UNIVERSAL WAGES ISSUE !!!!! Now its become the biggest problem for me. I'm the best fit for some jobs but employee aren't replying back to me just because of high rates .. I can bid below 4.44$ while others can bid below than me. Its not fair, My other clients are also thinking to shift to another platform instead of oDesk
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Tariq R Member Since: Aug 1, 2013
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I have faces many problems with this rate. I am not much experienced in Odesk. I have 250+ hours experience. Please any one can explain that how solved this problem?