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No Payment from a company

Dear Sir,

After contacting me on a job of **Edited for Community Guidelines** - **Edited for Community Guidelines**

The Client offered me total hours of 24 hrs, then told me that after we finished this product with no result he will pay 50% of this deal.

The problem that all my work was as phone calls with my friends and a phones with a companies in solar power plant fields and I went a meeting with this company.

Then after I finished with no result, he told me that he will pay add a manual time for 6 hrs only not 12 hrs as he promised me, then after negotiation he told me just 9 hrs, when I asked him he told me after two days, then he Paused my contract and i tried to call him on whatsapp and Skype he blocked me on whatsapp and no answer on skype.

Now I don't know how to solve this problem.

Waiting for your soon reply.



Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Mohamed,


I checked and see your contract is paused and no time was logged on it. You'll need to discuss payment for the work you provided directly with your client. Please read more about Hourly Payment Protection and make sure you use Upwork Desktop app for logging time on Hourly contracts. Also, please review these freelancer resources for more information about Upwork features and processes.

~ Vladimir

Mohamed, whether or not you get paid for this job is strictly between you and the client. Upwork can not help you.


You made a number of tactical mistakes on this project. These are your mistakes, and nobody else's.


Learn from your mistakes and move on. Do not communicate with this client. Do not try to collect money for the work you did on this contract.


Mohamed - It sounds like maybe this job should have been a fixed rate job, estimating how many hours by rate per hours. Then the client could have funded the entire amount into escrow and you wouldn't have had to deal with this problem.


It's up to a client whether or not to pay manual hours even if it was discussed and agreed that they would. There's absolutly no safeguard or procedure that would protect you when it comes to manual hours. Upwork doesn't guarantee manual hours on an hourly job. They guarantee hours (even if the client doesn't pay you) but only hours recorded using time tracker and only if notes were entered into the screen shots that the tracker takes.


Even with fixed rate jobs, a freelancer has to make sure that escrow is fully funded before they start working.


It sounds like this client knew exactly what he was doing and that he's done it in the past. All you can do is to report this client to Upwork so they can keep an eye on them.