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No Set(s) in the Portfolio samples?

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Nebojsa D Member Since: Oct 10, 2015
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Is it possible that there are no Set(s) in the portfolio as on Elance?

Now my samples are mixed up!

Samples of the magazine are mixed with the covers of books, children's books with school books, catalogs with covers of magazines ...

I know that I can change the order of the samples, but I have almost 400 samples! And those are just old jobs!

And there's only 4 preview on the Portfolio page.

So, if I set the book covers at the end, the client should list 100 pages to see samples of the book covers!

Who has time to list 100 pages?

Elance had samples by Set(s), I was able to create as many sets as I want, and to call them as I wish.

For example Books cover, Magazines cover, Brochures, Magazine pages, Digital magazines, etc.

Under each Set I had 30-40 relevant examples, so that the client can easily and quickly check what he's interested.

If there is no set, then it is pointless to put in my portfolio more than 40-50 samples.


Is there any solution for this?