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No Top Rated Badge

I have made more than 1k dollars and have a job success rate of over 90%, yet I have not been awarded the top-rated badge on Upwork. Can anyone help me?

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Hi Abd,


I find myself interested in some of the opportunities and sent proposal but I did not get and feedback or information. Am I making any mistake? If you can help me understand how to set proposal which will get response.


Thanks in advance.



Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Abd,


Thank you for reaching out to us. Looks like the reason why you still haven't received the Top Rated badge, is because there is a non-eligible week within the total number of weeks for your calculation. In order for the number of eligible weeks to increase, your non-eligible weeks will need to be "pushed out" of the past 16-weeks. Once this happens, the number of eligible weeks will start increasing, provided you meet the requirements. If an eligible week falls off of the calculation each week, the total number of eligible weeks won't increase. You can find more information here.


~ Nikola
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