No 'contact support' option for a support specific issue



I'm becoming extremely frustrated. My documentation for location verification went buggy and so I was denied. The system will not let me submit further attempts. The error message is telling me to contact support for further assistance.


Ironic, since I apparently don't have access to live support. So, I have an issue that needs UpWork customer support but no way of getting in touch with support. This is maddening. How am I supposed to resolve this issue so that I can submit proposals? Kind of left out to dry here. 


Please advise. I've combed through the forums. Not getting anywhere. 




Hi Gabrielle,


As mentioned on the response that I gave on your post on a different thread, due to the volume of users, we are not able to provide all support options to all users. If you have a general question about using Upwork, you can post it here in the Community or you may submit a ticket via our Help Center so we can address any issue you have.


A member of our team will reach out to you directly to further assist you with your Location Verification issue. So sorry for the inconvenience.