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No contract has been started yet - asked to buy product on AMazon

I may have messed up again?

I have another invite. it said it paid 10.00. 

It was/n/t  related to my skills but I accepted anyway ., it was short and easy. A product review.


When we were in messages the not yet client stated I had to buy a product on Amazon,, which I could keep and she would return that money to me and I'd be paid  $5.00.  I was still interested she would send me more details as to How to go about buying the product, (eyebrow trimmer)

I left town on assignment for a day and didn't respond to her .. I returned to the office today and she had sent me an offer,  now she sends a link.   unfortunately, I opened it.  It opens in word and there were instructions and a strange Amazon-like listing.  to me, it seemed as though the photo of the eyebrow trimmer was maybe a drawing?

I mean why not send me the actual link?   

She offered me 16.00 to buy  and 5 for pay

Then product was going to cost me 16.00 + shipping..


Below is the link she sent me.  

Up Work has  Melody as a member  since  2019

The payment is verified.


I believe it says the project is ongoing.

**Edited for Community Guidelines**

Here is the attachment on how to buy it.  


I don't like that I am suspect 2  invites in less than a week.

I now wonder if I will be penalized somehow for declining offers once in messages . or for post questions.. seeking help for suspecting wrongdoings by fake posts


Thank you every one








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It's not a scam as such, but it is a violation of Upwork's terms of Service.

Paid Amazon reviews are strictly forbidden by Amazon (and deeply unethical)

Amazon has sued freelancers for that nonsense.


They are also in violation of Upwork's terms of service.

Flag the job post and move on. 


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