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No invites or interviews. Anyone know why??



I'm a digital illustrator, many jobs are ending now, but this has been happening for some time now (2-3 months)


I'm Top Rated, 100% JJS, 93% of my clients would recommend me, 5 stars all along, low rates (I changed that today to see if I can atract other type of clients). Yet I recieve NO invitations. There was a month when I was invited 53 times, then I earned my top rated badge and they started to slowly disappear, to the point that my response time disappeared because I didn't recieve enough invitations from the last 3 months (only 4 total). I' now sending more and more proposals, some boosted, some not and NO ONE has answered.


Has anyone experienced this? I don't know what's wrong with my profile, or my stats. Evrything seems fine, but I somehow managed to get a steady income and now it's gonna disappear??


Help please! 

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Not because of a lack of quality. I love your work!


If I had to guess, maybe a combination of the global repression and algorithm delays because you were not available for a while. Idk what the jobs you apply to are asking for, but is it possible that your art style is in less demand at the moment? Are you including portfolio attachments in your proposals?

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Me too have this problem. No Invites only scams.

I joined to upwork in 2019. But My bad luck I couldn't process as I had few personal problems to solve.

Now I am fully free. I submit more than 40 proposals. No Invites, no interview.

What can I do.

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Nice work. I haven't been on here long enough to give valued feedback, but from what I see so far, everything in the digital media arena is going to have stiff competition, as it is the foundation of our world now. Access tools and resources have increased exponentially.

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You're out of the algorithm. Invites happen when clients are able to search you up by specific keywords. I believe Upwork changed this in May. Try looking up top freelancers in your field and research what keywords they're using to match the search query (without copying their profiles, obviously).

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hey i also having a same issue .. last months i got many jobs but this months i didn't get any only message and response i get but didn't convert to business .. it's been a 20 days now i didn't get any work .many are facing same issues .. i guess this months some of the signs are got dumb that;s why we are not able to earn money haha ... anyway jokes apart ... but in my 2 years journey this is the first time i am facing this issue .. howcome not getting any clients 

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