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No jobs or interviews after a good run. What am I doing wrong? Advice appreciated!

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Chris W Member Since: Mar 29, 2014
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Hi Guys, I would love to get some feedback/advice. So i've been on oDesk for about three months now. Out of the gate things were gong great. I picked up some jobs, completed them as directed and received some great ratings (I currently have 5 stars). After getting my first 5 star rating, I even started to receive a lot of interview requests from potential clients. Then, quite abruptly, things dried up. I stopped getting requests to interview and even the jobs I applied to haven't elicited much of a response. Where did I go wrong? I had high hopes that things would work out on Odesk for me, but i'm getting increasingly frustrated by the lack of job prospects over the last few weeks. I really want to course correct things, but so far I haven't really figured out what i'm doing wrong. Thanks for you help in advance!
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Marissa S Member Since: Feb 6, 2008
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I can only give you two answers: #1 The 'mad robots' as many have called it here in the forums #2 Competition -- too many social media experts on the site Perhaps, if you've signed up a couple of years back -- you would have had a taste of Odesk's golden years.. in my experience, clients are now looking for strategist/conversion experts who can really explain to them what is the sense of doing all these social media stuff (aka ROI). Good Luck Smiley Wink
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Marcia M Member Since: Apr 3, 2013
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Following up on what Marissa said, most of the clients on oDesk are very small businesses who may not have the budget to hire one person just to work on social media. They may prefer someone who can develop an entire content or marketing strategy. Also, the project you include in your portfolio looks like it was a team effort. You use the word "We". You might consider stating exactly what your part was. It is a very impressive project.
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Greten Vicke E Member Since: Nov 27, 2008
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I am in almost similar situation as you, except that I've been here since 2008, and from 2008 to 2012, I find it very easy to get clients here in ODesk. If I spend half a day applying, I am very certain that I will get at least one client. Not to mention that like you, there are also clients approaching me without applying to their job. For some reasons, things changed here. I almost used-up the 25 quota and still no clients for two months. I got one client, a client from four years ago who happen to saw my profile again but those that I applied... nothing Smiley Sad Yeah, it's some evil experiment because of so called feature that clients demanded (although if you browse around the forum, I have yet to see a client defending it, even clients are against it). That evil experiment are the tabs that categorize contractors into hidden and not hidden based on some experimental algorithm.
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Ronald T Member Since: Sep 14, 2009
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Off-topic? At my request, several of my past oDesk clients checked my oDesk freelancer profile for me. One sent me an image showing a tabbed "Work History and Feedback" with four tabs: All Jobs, seo (##), project management (##), and business-development (##) --- ## = quantity. I submitted a request to oDesk support asking some simple questions: (start) A past oDesk client sent me the attached image, which shows a tabbed work history in my freelancer profile, which I think is a great feature. It looks like the tabs are determined by the skills appearing in the job descriptions. Is that true? There are currently four tabs showing. Is that the maximum number of tabs that will show, or can there be more? Please explain how the new tabbed work history works. (end) The request was sent to the "Engineering Team," and I never received an answer so I just closed the ticket. Apparently, support and engineering had their "golden years" back in the day as well (Ref: "golden years." MS in PI). There has been an increase in sales hype about the so called new, "client[s] demanded" features. My guess is there is a new platform under development that might replace the current oDesk site; maybe an expansion to the existing oDesk "Enterprise Solutions"? All things considered, esp., all the secrecy, it makes sense to me.
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Ilya B Member Since: Jun 26, 2014
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I'm working with all aspects of internet marketing and social marketing is the LAST thing I suggest to my clients. 95% of small business clients will never see ANY ROI with SMM, it's used mostly for branding, mobile app and game marketing, but companies focused on those marketing goals have their own marketing departments and don't even know oDesk exists.

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Ronald T Member Since: Sep 14, 2009
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Having joined oDesk in late 2009, I came on-board with decades of experience from the "corporate" world and soon found that there was...well...a "world" of difference between the two. Real world professional marketers and marketing firms do things entirely different than what we see done through freelance sites. For one thing, typically "you get what you pay for"; quality is proportionate with what you are willing to pay. Unfortunately, the "end" client aka the end user, might have contracted a freelancer or agency freelancer that could care less about quality, and they hire the lowest bidder to perform the work. Then comes the terrible "mad robots" that pick the top ten recommended Hint to clients: Check out at least 50 pages in the search results to find the right freelancer for your project; unless you are one of those clients looking for the lowest bidder aka lowest quality. Now, to be fair about it, there are a lot of talented, very capable freelancers that do work for less that others can afford to work for (location, cost of living, etc.). Clients, take your time scouring through those applications and choose wisely. Maybe you will find the answer in the top ten--doubtful!
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Vivek G Member Since: Aug 20, 2009
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Hi, I have been working on odesk since last 5 years and more than 600+ contracts and 600+ five star feedback's and also 4.94 over all rating and also 7500+ hours. For last few days ,i didn't get a single interview. When i talk support she says "I'm not good fit for clients due to some bad contracts( Which obvious every time not contractor fault,its may at client end and you can have few bad contracts where so many good contracts) I'm not sure now what i do or should i need to wait more? My all application seems go in hidden folder. Please advise as i need to take care my family. Thanks Vivek
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Ronald T Member Since: Sep 14, 2009
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You are doing fine. Changes here on oDesk have interfered with your earlier success.