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No notification or email received for a job invitation.

Today, I noticed that I have a pending job invitation since May 17th. I didn't receive any notifications or email. My concern is that this will affect my responsivness score.


Upwork, please fix this issue. I login to my account only when I want to withdraw my earnings or if I receive an invitation in my email inbox. 


Anyone experience the same issue?


I did. Sometimes there is a delay in the messages I get or sometimes I don't get them at all. Recently, I have been having to manually check odesk/upwork for my messages because of this. It's really annoying. 

@ Marwan, @ Kristen,

Right now there is no other choice, until the message system gets fixed completely.

@ Marwan,

Unfortunately it will affect your responsiveness score.
---- easy like Sunday morning ----

Setu is right.
There can be differences between what is the official intent for how a system works... And how it actually works.
Upwork has struggled with its automated email system for years. I think it usually works.

Each contractor needs to decide how much they want to gamble on "usually" always being in their favor.

If you want to be safe, log onto your Upwork account at least a couple times a day to check for any new invites or messages.

And to be fair, it IS also possible for your own email system to have problems, and delay getting a message to you, or put an Upwork message in the spam box, or delete it entirely. And it IS possible for you to accidentally delete an Upwork message without realizing it, while you're cleaning out your in-box.

So the reasons for checking in on the Upwork website aren't just because Upwork email might have problems.

It's been around a week since I also stopped getting email notifications or get them really late. So have both of my clients. I was late in responding to an invitation because of this, and my client didn't know I had sent work until a day later.


Please fix this Upwork.


Sadly, this is something that has been happening around here for years. Still no permanent solution.


In the meantime, you have to keep logging into your account, which defeats the whole purpose of email notifications.


How can Upwork justify penalizing freelancers for something that wasn't their fault? Bonkers!


I've just checked my responsiveness score and noticed it has decreased!! Very bad!!


Upwork please fix this. Sometimes I get very busy at work that I can't find time or remember to login.

I'm having this problem too. please fix this and at least for the mean tine, inform the employers. thanks.

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