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No reply from Upwork Enterprise staff

An Upwork Enterprise staff member recently funded milestones for me and an enterprise client. I noticed Tuesday that she's made an error and messaged her accordingly. I'm not complaining about the mistake - to err is human. But...

The issue is that she's set up a milestone for 3 articles but given me a brief for 4. So, I need to know which is correct. I tagged her Tuesday as soon as I realized, and again on Wednesday. I've tagged her again today when I was discussing this with my client. But I've heard nothing from her. My contact at my client's company is an editor; he doesn't know either.


The work is done now* and I STILL don't know. I'd really appreciate it if somebody at Upwork could enlighten me but my Upwork contact seems to have dissapeared. I don't even know if she's around to release the payment, regardless of the amount.

*Please spare me a lecture on starting without a milestone. It won't be at all helpful.

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*clears throat*

*slap on the forehead*


Hi Jamie,


I can see that you opened a support ticket regarding this issue. Please allow our team 24-48 hours to review your request and reach out to assist you further.

~ AJ
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My limited experience with Upwork Enterprise agents suggests that delaying and complicating client communications and the execution of contracts must be part of their job description.

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It really should not be this difficult. It's such a basic issue and can be sorted in seconds. Alas..

I have bills to pay and the person supposed to pay me appears to have ****** off with no replacement. And I STILL don't even know how much is due yet.

Not cool, Upwork. Really not cool.

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re: "The issue is that she's set up a milestone for 3 articles but given me a brief for 4. So, I need to know which is correct."


If the milestone is set up for three articles, then you are supposed to do three articles.


I don't understand why this is a question.

I can somehow imagine the reason, but if it involves big money and/or I depend on it, I'd play it by the book.


If something goes wrong like this then I'll need to yell very loud if I want to be heard by these corporations (both Upwork and the enterprise client) to find the problem.

No, Preston. She's made a mistake somewhere. I know this client and I lean toward it most likely being four.

But don't distract from the point. She, or somebody else, should have given me an answer long ago. You are not being at all helpful.

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