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No response from clients



I have following queries, could anyone help me resolve these queries:


1) I have sent 20 proposals where job description was exactly matching my skill set but only 2 clients declined my proposal whereas others haven't responded. How much time do the clients generally take in responding to proposals?


2) If I bid higher but client wants to pay lower amount then do the clients negotiate or the bid by freelancer the final one.





1. It usually  take from one minute to infinity to client answer, some client will answer or decline your offer some will not, don't worry about it.


2. If client think that your work is good but your current bid is above his budget they usually ask if you can lower your rate, but that's really rare, happened to me maybe 2-3 time in a year here..


Thanks Igor for your quick reply.


I have another question, how much time did it take for you to get your first project on upwork?



I tried first time 2 years ago on oDesk and didn't get job for two week, gave up from freelancing because at the time I had full time job and didn't need to work extra..


Last year I tried again because I needed some extra cash but I have come better prepared, I have read all I can about freelancing and how to get better at it and in a week I have got my first job here.


Year passed and I'm full time freelancer now. Just be patient, job will come, I would suggest you to improve your profile, add more samples and after few jobs it will be much easier...

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