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No response from clients

Hi everyone, I'm a Top Rated freelancer with 100% JSS. I've worked with some great clients on UpWork and provided them with exceptional services. My feedback is 5 star in all recent jobs I did.


I get a number of job invitations on a daily and weekly basis through UpWork Talent Specialists and by clients themselves. My response rate is less than 24 hours but the problem is that the clients don't reply. In fact, I did a little check on those clients and almost all of them haven't even hired anyone for the particular job. I currently have 14 active candidacies (had even more) yet I have been unable to secure any job after May 2017.


Any help would be highly appreciated.

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Brother try applying on the, " Featured Job " Posts, those will work out and also the ones without them. 

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Hi Saad,


Thanks for reaching out and sorry to hear that inconvenience. Client's responsiveness to job application is not something that Upwork can control but we can provide you some tips 

that we recommend as part of any successful application process:


-Apply only to those job postings for which you are truly qualified and feel confident you can complete successfully.

-Submit a cover letter customized to address the specific requests and needs of the job posting.

-Submit an accurate application reflecting your understanding of the scope of the contract and the amount.

-Request clarifications of scope, deliverables and due dates from clients, as needed.

-Update the application's requested pay rate to reflect any changes prior to being hired.

-Inform the client of your availability and normal working hours, expected response times to communications and any planned or potential vacations, holidays or other known work outages.

-Respond promptly and professionally to messages from the client.


Also, a great profile shows potential clients your value as a freelancer. You want to encourage clients to invite you to apply to their job postings. This is your first chance to make an unforgettable first impression. Put some time and effort into creating a profile that separates you from the crowd!

- Aaron

Hi Aaron,


Thanks for the tips.

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"yet I have been unable to secure any job after May 2017"


are you sure?



Wassim, I appreciate your interest and efforts.


If you scroll down more on my work history, you'll find that the 'RDBUS/Copywriting' jobs are regular jobs from my long-term client that I have been working with since Apr. 2016 and the other 'Shopify Setup' job started in Dec. 2016.


I hope this answers your question.

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Saad, you only mention responding to invitations. Are you also bidding on jobs of interest, or just relying on invites? Invitations that come through talent specialists are notoriously bad, so if you're not actively seeking out your own opportunities, you may be missing the good stuff.

Yes, I am. Have applied for 57 jobs in last 90 days.

Thanks for answering this, Saad.


To start off, head to Upwork's homepage and then go to "Find Work" -> "My Stats" after logging in.


If you scroll down a bit, you'll find a chart with some insights. Let's start off by figuring out how often you were viewed compared to your peers. Can you tell me what does it say? (below, on or above average). If the indicator points to "above average", then I'll also need to know about the second metric "You were interviewed".


It'll help if you can capture a screenshot (unless of course, you'd love to keep this information private). These should help me analyze and provide indications accordingly.


Best regards,

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