No response from odesk

Hi My account went under review some 25 days ago. I closed all my jobs some 3 weeks ago as I was told. Now the 2 weeks period is gone as well. But I am denied a reply for the past 4-5 days. Each time I get a response, it looks like I am talking to a Robot. They are really not helping. Whenever I submit a new query request, A fix reply comes every time that I have a thread already opened for that. But after 10s of my messages, nobody is replying.I havent experienced such bad customer service ever on any other portal. Can anybody have an idea that whats going on and what to do??

Hi Muhammad, I've checked with our team and someone will be following up with you directly regarding your account.

My account was also placed under review, i have ended all contracts and clients have given feedbacks since 22 days ago, yet i have not received any message from odesk about completing my account review. I am confused right now, please what exactly is happening?