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No response when I apply to upwork API

I'm sick of this. I've applied at least 6 times to the upwork API. I only need to see my job applications in my personal dashboard! The first time upwork answered with a rejection e-mail. From there, I haven't heard of them when I apply for a new key. I don't even receive a confirmation e-mail that I applied.

Issuing a ticket didn't work. It's been WEEKS since I pushed a ticket with no success!!!

I think it's unfair. What can I do?

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Hi Juan,

 I apologize for the delay in receiving a solution on your ticket. I've followed up with the team handling your case regarding the API issue, and you should be getting an update shortly via the open ticket.


Thank you for your answer but no response so far!!! Upwork just stopped checking my applications for an API key. What am I doing wrong?

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