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No response

HI All.

Can you please check my profile and guide me on where I am going wrong? I have been applying for a couple of months, and but no reply from clients.



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That's probably because your description sounds like a CV. Try to explain what you actually can do for clients, instead of simply listing your skills.

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Don't worry and don't lose hope. you will definitely get job at upwork. Try to focus on your proposal. Write proper detailed proposal about what client need. And tell him or her that how will you do his work. Hope you will get job soon.

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I tried looking at your profile but it is set to private.

Clients are just people with a problem.  Those problems range from needing an extra employee but can only afford a temporary hire to needing expertise to finish a project.

Think about what you would be looking for if you were the person needing to hire someone for a small project or task.  What is important to you?

If someone were to respond to your job posting, what would make them stand out?  Getting to the point?  Or a huge list of things that don't really meet your needs?

Keep that in mind when you write a proposal.  Write your proposals as if you were talking directly to the client and explaining how you can solve their problems.  Tailor your response by addressing their specific needs rather than being overly general or vague.

If someone were to respond to a job ad that I posted by submitting a full resume, I'd simply move to the next person.  I don't have time to go over resumes in search of one piece of experience.  I would want someone to say "Hi, I saw your job posting and thought I would reach out.  I have 20 years of experience doing what you need".  If I want more detail, I'll ask for a resume or ask more questions.  

In the traditoinal job market, your resume gets anywhere from 15-30 seconds to catch the attention of a hiring manager.  If you can't convey how you solve their problems in that amount of time, its likely they will move on to the next resume.

Also - Keep applying.  Freelancing is the equivalent of running your own business.  Submitting proposals is slightly above the equivalent of cold calling.  Cold calls are simply attempts to make a sale with little to no filter on the quality of the lead.  The job postings on Upwork are, in most cases, filtered to the point that you know someone has a need to be filled (or a problem that needs fixing). 

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