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No review after a successful contract completion

I have had several projects with clients, extending myself and my abilities above and beyond their expectations. Kind words and Kudos were exchanged for the project thru messaging, BUT after the successful project completion, they leave no feedback? This occurs many times after I provided positive feedback for them. Now I have the last 3 successfully completed projects, but NO feedback. New clients may see this in my profile and have second thoughts or might be hesitant to hire me? Can we not remove successful projects from our Public profile if a client or 2, is too lazy to follow up after the job? I always send an honest review, BUT the lack of client responses is not fair to top rated freelancers that deal with clients that make us feel "used up", yes? It should either be manditory for a client to rate and provide feedback, IF you are "Top Rated", OR as a "Top Rated" freelancer, have the capability to REMOVE the successfully completed job with a lazy clents lack of time to post an honest response. It is sad in the world today that we spend weeks communicating with a client, but they "disappear" when it takes time to click a couple of stars, or type a 5 word sentencez! Please advise and Thank You.

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Just let them close the contracts instead of doing it yourself. It is impossible to close a contract without providing feedback.

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