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No salary

Please help me cause it's been 5 days since I get paid and that was Wednesday and I ask my bank still no reflect in the bank. Why is it taking too long to get my salary?

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Has it been five days since your funds were available? Or since the project was completed and the client authorized payment?


If it's the latter, please see https://support.upwork.com/hc/en-us/articles/211063698-Weekly-Billing-Cycle

No, I get paid on November 29,2017, and when I check December 1, 2017, still no money in my bank but I ask my bank there's no transaction or any money wasn't send to them or my bank.

Right now when I check again and its been 5 days still no money in my bank. So I ask for the team Upwork to give me a tracking for my money, where is it?  

You need to wait 8 business days to initiate a trace.

So I have 3 days to go before I get the money or tracing the money? cause after 2 days its get paid this Wednesday, December 6, 2017, but still, no money in my bank, How long it's gonna be like this? always delay?

You can initiate a trace on next monday.


It takes up to five business days (i.e., a week) for the money to go from your Upwork account to your bank account, so you don't call it a delay.

Its already  5 days now.  What should I do?

No, it's NOT. Saturday and Sunday don't count!

Oh ok, so its Wednesday I get my money right? and then Wednesday I get paid too. But why is it my friend we have the same bank but they get the money earlier?  They get the money last week Friday and how come it's not fair? Just worried Sorry

Hi Maria Concepcion, 

I responded to your post here. Please know that the recent Philippine holiday may have affected this transaction which is why it's still not posted on your bank account.

~ Avery
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hello maria, did you get your payment back?

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