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No support to non Top Rated freelancers for unfair review by client

I have been part of UpWork (formally elance) for 6 years. I recently resume freelance work to become a full time freelancer and started getting good response as I have great review before I stopped working as freelancer. 


I was hired by a client 2 days back and started working on it and soon completed the work same day.

Client appericated my work on UpWork Message and told me that he will close the job tomorrow, share new requirement and open a new contract for same which I agreed. 

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Next day he approved all milestones for the previous work and added 2 new milestone on same contract and shared document afterward. I checked the documents and it was much more work than what client was offering. I simply told client that, offer is little lower compare to amount of work thus the problem begnings.


He told me he will hire someone else and I agreed because it's a mutual process to agree or desgree. I told client that please close the job and leave good review as previous work was done as per your satisfaction but client left bad review just because I did not accept his low budget new offer. I don't think client knew development because from stating client was saying everything is easy when it was not. 

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I contact support soon after getting bad review I saw review but support was not able to help me out saying they can only remove/hide public review of top rated freelancers, whether review it is fair or unfair.


UpWork support call it one of Perks to remove bad public review from profile which I can agree with but what about removing or hiding public review which is unfair/unhonest. I think most of the freelancers will agree that it is not perk rather protection we expect from upwork as I see many freelancer going through same for one reason or another.


So no protection for non top rated freelancers.


I have done over +40 projects so far with 5 start ratings and great reviews on almost all jobs and I am very very good at what I do but it's very discouraging when someone gives you unhonest bad review and upwork does not help you even after chargin 20% fee.


Can someone provide solution to this ongoing unfair problem?


Thanks & Regards


@Hitesh C wrote:

Can someone provide solution to this ongoing unfair problem?


You have two choices:


  1. Work hard on new contracts so the one bad review gets pushed down the page by new feedback
  2. Refund and the feedback will vanish.

I would strongly recommend the first.


 By writing a complete novel as a response you made sure the poor feedback became super visible  and pushed all your good feedback far down the page. That was a serious mistake. You made it much worse by doing so.


If you MUST comment a feedback keep it very short (1-2 lines, no more) - your response will put off more clients than the feedback would have done.


Hello Petra,


Thank you for the provided solution. The Solution provided by you is great but I am looking for some solution which is long term solution for all freelancers.


I did write a complete novel haha but I didn't know that it will look like this as I thought it will show up first few lines and then read more link. Seems like I am out of luck today just like connects.


Thanks again for the your solution.




Hi Hitesh,


I`m sorry to hear about the bad experience you had.
Top Rated freelancers have a perk to remove a feedback from a contract. But at least three months must pass and at least 10 new jobs on Upwork must be completed before the freelancer can submit another request. If you have any additional questions feel free to post them here, thank you!

~ Goran